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Traffic lights

Design, installation and maintenance of traffic lights. We have maintained 400 traffic light intersections in the city of Tallinn.

Road marking

Road marking works with both plastic and paint.

Traffic signs

Production and installation of traffic signs and direction signs.

Traffic schemes

Designing temporary traffic management for construction sites and public events.

Temporary traffic management

Installation of temporary traffic control devices at construction sites and public events.

Weather stations and road cameras

Installation and maintenance of road weather stations and cameras.

Support structures

We manufacture and install the accessories, posts, consoles and portals necessary for the installation of traffic control devices.

Parking systems

We offer a complete solution for organizing parking, from traffic signs to payment solutions.

Guidance systems

We sell high-quality visitor guidance systems manufactured by Via Guide GmbH.

Street signs and house numbers

Production and installation of street signs and house numbers.

Electric car chargers

We sell, install and maintain both modern smart and simpler electric car chargers.

Labels and stickers

We make various labels, information boards and stickers.


We offer high-quality SKIDATA barriers.

Other products

The rubber posts

We offer various rubber poles.

Starting from 22 €

Speed bumps

We offer different “speed bumps”

Starting from 99 €/m

Height limiter

Height limiters.

Starting from 220 €

Traffic mirrors

Traffic mirrors.

Sizes: d600; d800; 400×600; 400×800

Starting from 105 €

Corner protectors

Corner protectors.

Starting from 19 €

Smart clamps

We offer a variety of smart clamps for the manufacture of pipe barriers and handrails.

d=48mm and 60mm

Starting from 15 €

Parking space barrier

Parking space barriers.

1100mm; 1820mm; 1900mm

Starting from 20 €

Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones. It is possible to install a connecting chain.

Starting from 11 €

Marker posts

Marker posts.

Starting from 10 €